Is Schwarzy a demi-god ?

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I was wondering, what’s the difference between Hercules and Arnold Schwarzenegger? I think the answer is : Schwarzy is real. But it’s still funny to think that Hercules allowed Schwarzy to enter at the “Hollywood world”.

With movies like:  Conan, Terminator, Commando, Predator and more recently Expendables…Schwarzy is without a doubt, one of the best action heroes of his time.

For some of us he’s “the governator (governor+terminator)” of California. For most, he’s an incredible actor. But for those who go to the gym, he is…

THE best bodybuilder ever, he started this sport when he was only 14 years old. He won 6 times “Mr Universe” and 7 times “Mr Olympia”. He won weight-lifting contests proving that bodybuilders are strong too. He’s so important for the body-building culture, that there’s an international contest called “Arnold Classic” with trials like : weight-lifting, strength, muscle-beauty, martial-arts, etc.

At age of 69 he’s still pretty strong, proving that age is nothing but a number. He knows people think he’s Hercules, so he likes to entertain us, like in this video where he “lifted” 226 kilos.

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In order to become the best bodybuilder ever, Arnold invented his own exercises and training-programs. He consumed powder protein and spent thousands of hours in the gym. At his best, he measured : biceps-55,8cm, pecs-144,8, hips-72,39. The legend says, Arnold could  lift 226 kg at bench-press.

We are not sure if our Hercules is a demi-god, but we are sure that he’s more than a human, he’s a superhuman.

I’ll be back!

Arnold Scwharznegger in the Terminator movie


Lonely Superhumans?

Hello everyone,

That’s the seventh article about incredible people. Talking about the fictional ones, some of us could wonder: Aren’t they too lonely? Isn’t it too hard to find a person with whom we could spend our super (long) days?

It’s true that most movies show us lonely superhuman like Batman. Other movies show us a superhuman in a relationship with a human, just like Spiderman and Mary Jane.

We can even find a superhuman couple, like Superman and Wonder Woman. But even in this case: are they happy, do they have super kids?

There’s one movie that give us some answers. It presents us an entire family of superhumans superheros. That movie is “The Incredibles“.

To refresh your memories. In this movie, public opinion turned against superheros. They were forced to fit in among normal humans. Mr Incredible, Elastigirl and their 3 children live as a suburban family.

Mr Incredible is dissatisfied with his suburban life, and starts acting “Super” again. This will bring big problems to his family, and they’ll have, to solve them as a “family”(see trailer below).

This movie show us that superhumans can love and have a family as the rest of us. They are maybe “Super”, but deep inside they are just “humans”.

What an amazing surprise was to hear that “The Incredibles 2” will be in our cinemas in june 2018. It’s been 13 years we’re waiting for it now .

To finish this article, I’d like to recommend you the TV show “No ordinary family“. It’s the adaptation of “The Incredibles” to the small screen.

“Everyone is special, Dash”

                                                                                                                     Mrs incredible

How can Santa travel so fast?

Hello human friends,

It’s been a while. To excuse myself, I’m back with a double article. I know Christmas is over now, but I’d like to talk about someone we all know : Santa Claus. He’s a legendary figure, always dressed in red. The man brings gifts to the homes of well-behaved children during Christmas.

He was mostly inspired on the figure of saint Nicholas. A Greek christian bishop famous for his generous gifts to the poor.

But how can he fly all over the world in just one night? It isn’t much time to deliver presents to more than two billion children.

At best, we could extend that time to 48h by taking advantage of the Earth’s time zones. With more than seven billion people, he’d have to deliver to around 10 000 homes every second to get the job done.

Spy Magazine says that to deliver all his presents in time he’d have to travel at such a high speed that Rudolph and his friends would burn up due to friction, just like small meteors entering the atmosphere.

The site “how stuff works” tries to explain it by using science. They think that Santa could have mastered the power of antimatter (yes it is the opposite of matter). NASA is hoping to use this same concept to finally take us to Mars.

Santa and his elves would have to outfit his sleigh with a Stardust Antimatter Propulsion Engine (see image below). This way, Santa would be able to deliver toys around the world in one night and be back to the North Pole in time for a Christmas Day feast.


All this science stuff can be confusing to some people. So they just prefer to say that Santa is a time bender, since all the time zones in the world meet in  The North Pole. He’s able to move through the different times zones quickly.

But, to our children we often say that Santa and his sleigh are magical. The most important thing to recall about Santa, is that he has a very big heart. So if Santa really exists, there are no doubts that he’s more than a human, he’s definitely a Superhuman.

Whenever you give someone a present or sing a holiday song, you’re helping Santa Claus. To me, that’s what Christmas is all about. Helping Santa Claus!

                                                                                           LOUIS SACHAR, Wayside School Gets a Little Stranger

A ligthning Bolt: man vs animal

Hello humans, we’re back,

We all know Usain Bolt is the fastest man alive. Matter of fact, his average speed is about 37km/h, and his maximum speed almost 45 km/h.

Bolt runs so fast, that even science made a study about it. That’s how we discovered that he produces 2620 W of power while running. (study in french here EtudeBolt).

That is impressive. But the truth is, that’s not a big deal compared to the fastest mammal on earth: the Cheetah. This animal can run at 112 km/h. If Bolt was running the 100 meters with a Cheetah, he would definitely lose. It would only take 5’95 seconds to the Cheetah to reach the end. Bolt would need 9’58 at his best.

How fast can a regular man run? How can he improve his running skills? Does it mean that we’re doomed to run not faster than 45 km/h?

That’s clear we’ve been talking about a real life Superhuman here. A regular man can run at an average speed of 10-12 km/h and at a maximum speed of 35 km/h at his best.

Usain Bolt didn’t become a speedster after being struck by a lightning bolt like Barry Allen (aka The Flash from DC). He wasn’t born this way like Pietro Maximoff (aka Quicksilver from Marvel). From the age of 12, Bolt had to work hard to become the fastest man alive.

Being 1m96 tall and with a weight of 90 kilos,  Bolt is actually in disadvantage comparing to his peers. Obviously, most of Bolt’s competitors are shorter and have an advantage powering off the starting block. Bolt has always trained harder than his competitors , not to be on their level, but to be better than them.


Bolt training on a sunday morning

Science has proven that muscle-building, strength and cardio training increase the efficiency of runners up to 30%. So, if a regular man wants to be as fast as Bolt (maybe even faster), the only thing he has to do it’s to work hard and have a special diet.

Let’s be honest. Of course, we would never be able to run as fast as a Cheetah. We don’t have the bones, muscles and whole physiognomy for that. But when we’re talking about running, we do are better than Cheetas. Actually, human beings have better endurance than animals. It means that if Bolt runs a marathon against a Cheetah, he could actually win.

Down here a video of Bolt running the 100 meters against a Cheetah.

Easy is not an option…No days off…Never quit…Be fearless…Talent you have naturally…skill is only developed by hours and hours of work

                                                                                                                 Usain Bolt

How strange is Doctor Strange ?

October 26. Doctor Strange is finally released in French cinemas. He is not a regular human being and he is a stranger to most people. That’s why we will take a quick look at his character.

Steven Strange is a neurosurgeon. As we can see, his hands are his most important asset.

After a car accident, he loses his dexterity. Trying to heal it, Strange will be drawn into the world of mystic arts.

Being a MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) fan. I got to say that a rich, arrogant and genius superhero it’s not new. Matter fact, that’s not one of MCU best films so, should we watch it?

Yes, first for the story, specially if we don’t know the character yet. Benedict Cumberbatch made a really good job with it, like always you’d say ^^. Tony Stark is (sometimes) the rich guy we love to hate . Strange is maybe arrogant in the beginning of the movie, but…during his quest for the knowledge, his personality will be shaped for better.

Second, for the special effects. True, we are far from “The Hulk from the eighties” (yes, that’s a bodybuilder painted in green).

index.jpgBut the way they mix different dimensions/worlds in front of our eyes, the way they use their powers on the movie is wonderful.

And finally, to understand what’s coming next in MCU. To understand Strange role in all that. Without spoiling the film, the moment Strange find out what the stone he was carrying around his neck was, well…we can clearly see the link with the Avengers movies. And I’m not even talking about the post-generic scene.

So, what i have to say is : go see the movie, leave me your comments here and let’s discuss about this (new) MCU superhero . See you soon ^^



Comic Con Paris

Hello again folks,

Last weekend I’ve been to heaven on earth. Let me explain it.

I’ve been to a place where all superhumans could actually cohabit. Well, since fictional people are…fictional. I have to say that it was more like a place where humans could pretend to be superhumans.

A place where fans of comics could meet each other, share their love for comics. A place where regular people cosplayed themselves to look and feel like (fictional) superhumans like Superman.

Last weekend, I’ve been to “Paris Comic Con“. In a place like this, there’s almost no more difference between fictional and real, adults and children. Indeed, there are more adults than children there.

Check out some incredible cosplays:


Everything was related to Comics : books, t-shirts, videogames, cosplays, conferences, etc. During 3 days, we forgot about the real world and totally immerse on comics.

So, we could find there. Special conferences about “Special effects” or “the birth of comics” . Movies like “Sausage Party” or “Doctor Strange” in avant-premiere. A cosplay contest. And even the one and only Luke Cage (Mike Colter) himself.

So, what I’d like to say today is: all comics fans should go there at least once in their lives.

There’s nothing better to describe that place than a video, i’ll stop talking now and leave you see what comic Con looks like by yourself 😉

We all need a hero

Hello humans, we are back,

As we said before, nowadays pop culture is full of superhumans. Most part of them is fictional.

Today, we would like to talk about a fictional superhuman. One who is not a boy scout like Superman. One who has faced prison and injustice before. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Carl Lucas also known as Luke Cage.

As shown in Marvel-Netflix TV show, Luke is not only a man with super powers. He is a man of principles and attitude.

Born human, Carl became a superhuman after an illegal experiment in prison. He became super strong and his skin became impenetrable.

Escaping from prison, he will try to live a normal life. Trying to hide his “true potential”. Seeing the injustice of gangs in Harlem, Luke will do everything to stop them. Without noticing who his true enemy is.

Created in the seventies, Luke has been kept in the shadows for years. He comes to the spotlight in a period of racial problems in the USA.

As we all know, since august 2014, police in USA has killed over 300 unarmed people. The truth is, most part of these people was “non-white”. Medias only show the bad side of the ghettos. Police became more like executioners than protectors when it comes to poor people.

In times like these, Luke Cage TV-show can bring hope to people. The show approaches sociopolitical subjects as never seen on TV.

Best thing about Luke Cage? He is humble. He show us that superhumans are not only those people with super powers.

“Everybody should stand against injustice. It doesn’t matter if you have bullet-proof skin or not”

Luke Cage.