How tall are you?

Hello again folks,

In 21st century, the average french man is 1.75m tall, and woman 1.62m. Around the world, some people are very small, small, big or very big, that’s something normal.

In Guinness book, we can find some men with extraordinary height. The tallest man who has ever existed is Robert Wadlow, this american was 2.72m tall. He only lived until 22 years old, because those amazing people have a weakened immune system which is sad.

The smallest man ever was Chandra Bahadur Dangi, this nepalese was only 54,6 cm tall. Just a little bit bigger than a normal baby. Unfortunately the very small people¬†immune system isn’t better than the giant’s.

Imagine how difficult it must be theirs everyday lives. The “giants” often need a cane so they can walk. Their clothes are tailor-made, and of course they can’t find nice shoes at the nearest Foot-Locker.

The lives of the “dwarfs” must not be easier. It’s hard to imagine a 56 cm person walking in the busy subways of Paris. Those men aren’t superheros, but they are mentally strong to live with all those problems and the worst of all is “the way people look to them”. For me they are just superhumans trying to live like the rest of us.

Guess we should all be grateful by the size we have, even if we’re a little bit smaller or bigger than the others.



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