Superhumans in Bollywood

Hello humans fellow,

When we say “superhuman” we often think “Movies” and “Hollywood”. We forgot the biggest movie industry in the world “Bollywood“.

With over 1000 movies per year (twice more than his US equivalent), superhumans managed to find a place for themselves among those features films.

Bollywood movies are usually made like a more than 3 hours musical comedy. It’s funny that even “normal people” on those movies look like superhumans. The good guys are often super strong and fast, check this video out.

They do make superheros movies thought, the most famous is Krrish. We could mention Shaktiman, Drona, G-one, etc.

But they also remake Hollywood movies, here is an example for Matrix. In the next video we have an exemple for Superman and Spiderman…sorry, Spiderwoman.

So you understood, if you want to see a strong, good looking, and lovely guy, check out Bollywood movies.

Whether times good or bad, we’ll always be together, just like eyelashes are with the eyes.



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