Is Schwarzy a demi-god ?

Hello, hope you’re all spending a blessed Sunday,

I was wondering, what’s the difference between Hercules and Arnold Schwarzenegger? I think the answer is : Schwarzy is real. But it’s still funny to think that Hercules allowed Schwarzy to enter at the “Hollywood world”.

With movies like:  Conan, Terminator, Commando, Predator and more recently Expendables…Schwarzy is without a doubt, one of the best action heroes of his time.

For some of us he’s “the governator (governor+terminator)” of California. For most, he’s an incredible actor. But for those who go to the gym, he is…

THE best bodybuilder ever, he started this sport when he was only 14 years old. He won 6 times “Mr Universe” and 7 times “Mr Olympia”. He won weight-lifting contests proving that bodybuilders are strong too. He’s so important for the body-building culture, that there’s an international contest called “Arnold Classic” with trials like : weight-lifting, strength, muscle-beauty, martial-arts, etc.

At age of 69 he’s still pretty strong, proving that age is nothing but a number. He knows people think he’s Hercules, so he likes to entertain us, like in this video where he “lifted” 226 kilos.

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "arnold schwarzenegger avant après"

In order to become the best bodybuilder ever, Arnold invented his own exercises and training-programs. He consumed powder protein and spent thousands of hours in the gym. At his best, he measured : biceps-55,8cm, pecs-144,8, hips-72,39. The legend says, Arnold could  lift 226 kg at bench-press.

We are not sure if our Hercules is a demi-god, but we are sure that he’s more than a human, he’s a superhuman.

I’ll be back!

Arnold Scwharznegger in the Terminator movie


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