Lonely Superhumans?

Hello everyone,

That’s the seventh article about incredible people. Talking about the fictional ones, some of us could wonder: Aren’t they too lonely? Isn’t it too hard to find a person with whom we could spend our super (long) days?

It’s true that most movies show us lonely superhuman like Batman. Other movies show us a superhuman in a relationship with a human, just like Spiderman and Mary Jane.

We can even find a superhuman couple, like Superman and Wonder Woman. But even in this case: are they happy, do they have super kids?

There’s one movie that give us some answers. It presents us an entire family of superhumans superheros. That movie is “The Incredibles“.

To refresh your memories. In this movie, public opinion turned against superheros. They were forced to fit in among normal humans. Mr Incredible, Elastigirl and their 3 children live as a suburban family.

Mr Incredible is dissatisfied with his suburban life, and starts acting “Super” again. This will bring big problems to his family, and they’ll have, to solve them as a “family”(see trailer below).

This movie show us that superhumans can love and have a family as the rest of us. They are maybe “Super”, but deep inside they are just “humans”.

What an amazing surprise was to hear that “The Incredibles 2” will be in our cinemas in june 2018. It’s been 13 years we’re waiting for it now .

To finish this article, I’d like to recommend you the TV show “No ordinary family“. It’s the adaptation of “The Incredibles” to the small screen.

“Everyone is special, Dash”

                                                                                                                     Mrs incredible


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