A ligthning Bolt: man vs animal

Hello humans, we’re back,

We all know Usain Bolt is the fastest man alive. Matter of fact, his average speed is about 37km/h, and his maximum speed almost 45 km/h.

Bolt runs so fast, that even science made a study about it. That’s how we discovered that he produces 2620 W of power while running. (study in french here EtudeBolt).

That is impressive. But the truth is, that’s not a big deal compared to the fastest mammal on earth: the Cheetah. This animal can run at 112 km/h. If Bolt was running the 100 meters with a Cheetah, he would definitely lose. It would only take 5’95 seconds to the Cheetah to reach the end. Bolt would need 9’58 at his best.

How fast can a regular man run? How can he improve his running skills? Does it mean that we’re doomed to run not faster than 45 km/h?

That’s clear we’ve been talking about a real life Superhuman here. A regular man can run at an average speed of 10-12 km/h and at a maximum speed of 35 km/h at his best.

Usain Bolt didn’t become a speedster after being struck by a lightning bolt like Barry Allen (aka The Flash from DC). He wasn’t born this way like Pietro Maximoff (aka Quicksilver from Marvel). From the age of 12, Bolt had to work hard to become the fastest man alive.

Being 1m96 tall and with a weight of 90 kilos,  Bolt is actually in disadvantage comparing to his peers. Obviously, most of Bolt’s competitors are shorter and have an advantage powering off the starting block. Bolt has always trained harder than his competitors , not to be on their level, but to be better than them.


Bolt training on a sunday morning

Science has proven that muscle-building, strength and cardio training increase the efficiency of runners up to 30%. So, if a regular man wants to be as fast as Bolt (maybe even faster), the only thing he has to do it’s to work hard and have a special diet.

Let’s be honest. Of course, we would never be able to run as fast as a Cheetah. We don’t have the bones, muscles and whole physiognomy for that. But when we’re talking about running, we do are better than Cheetas. Actually, human beings have better endurance than animals. It means that if Bolt runs a marathon against a Cheetah, he could actually win.

Down here a video of Bolt running the 100 meters against a Cheetah.


Easy is not an option…No days off…Never quit…Be fearless…Talent you have naturally…skill is only developed by hours and hours of work

                                                                                                                 Usain Bolt


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