How strange is Doctor Strange ?

October 26. Doctor Strange is finally released in French cinemas. He is not a regular human being and he is a stranger to most people. That’s why we will take a quick look at his character.

Steven Strange is a neurosurgeon. As we can see, his hands are his most important asset.

After a car accident, he loses his dexterity. Trying to heal it, Strange will be drawn into the world of mystic arts.

Being a MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) fan. I got to say that a rich, arrogant and genius superhero it’s not new. Matter fact, that’s not one of MCU best films so, should we watch it?

Yes, first for the story, specially if we don’t know the character yet. Benedict Cumberbatch made a really good job with it, like always you’d say ^^. Tony Stark is (sometimes) the rich guy we love to hate . Strange is maybe arrogant in the beginning of the movie, but…during his quest for the knowledge, his personality will be shaped for better.

Second, for the special effects. True, we are far from “The Hulk from the eighties” (yes, that’s a bodybuilder painted in green).

index.jpgBut the way they mix different dimensions/worlds in front of our eyes, the way they use their powers on the movie is wonderful.

And finally, to understand what’s coming next in MCU. To understand Strange role in all that. Without spoiling the film, the moment Strange find out what the stone he was carrying around his neck was, well…we can clearly see the link with the Avengers movies. And I’m not even talking about the post-generic scene.

So, what i have to say is : go see the movie, leave me your comments here and let’s discuss about this (new) MCU superhero . See you soon ^^



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