Comic Con Paris

Hello again folks,

Last weekend I’ve been to heaven on earth. Let me explain it.

I’ve been to a place where all superhumans could actually cohabit. Well, since fictional people are…fictional. I have to say that it was more like a place where humans could pretend to be superhumans.

A place where fans of comics could meet each other, share their love for comics. A place where regular people cosplayed themselves to look and feel like (fictional) superhumans like Superman.

Last weekend, I’ve been to “Paris Comic Con“. In a place like this, there’s almost no more difference between fictional and real, adults and children. Indeed, there are more adults than children there.

Check out some incredible cosplays:


Everything was related to Comics : books, t-shirts, videogames, cosplays, conferences, etc. During 3 days, we forgot about the real world and totally immerse on comics.

So, we could find there. Special conferences about “Special effects” or “the birth of comics” . Movies like “Sausage Party” or “Doctor Strange” in avant-premiere. A cosplay contest. And even the one and only Luke Cage (Mike Colter) himself.

So, what I’d like to say today is: all comics fans should go there at least once in their lives.

There’s nothing better to describe that place than a video, i’ll stop talking now and leave you see what comic Con looks like by yourself 😉


3 thoughts on “Comic Con Paris

  1. That was really amazing ! I’m not sure if i will do it twice, but that was a good event ! I liked the conference about special effects ! And of course seeing sausage party in ‘avant-première’ was a good one !


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