We all need a hero

Hello humans, we are back,

As we said before, nowadays pop culture is full of superhumans. Most part of them is fictional.

Today, we would like to talk about a fictional superhuman. One who is not a boy scout like Superman. One who has faced prison and injustice before. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Carl Lucas also known as Luke Cage.

As shown in Marvel-Netflix TV show, Luke is not only a man with super powers. He is a man of principles and attitude.

Born human, Carl became a superhuman after an illegal experiment in prison. He became super strong and his skin became impenetrable.

Escaping from prison, he will try to live a normal life. Trying to hide his “true potential”. Seeing the injustice of gangs in Harlem, Luke will do everything to stop them. Without noticing who his true enemy is.

Created in the seventies, Luke has been kept in the shadows for years. He comes to the spotlight in a period of racial problems in the USA.

As we all know, since august 2014, police in USA has killed over 300 unarmed people. The truth is, most part of these people was “non-white”. Medias only show the bad side of the ghettos. Police became more like executioners than protectors when it comes to poor people.

In times like these, Luke Cage TV-show can bring hope to people. The show approaches sociopolitical subjects as never seen on TV.

Best thing about Luke Cage? He is humble. He show us that superhumans are not only those people with super powers.

“Everybody should stand against injustice. It doesn’t matter if you have bullet-proof skin or not”

Luke Cage.


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