Superhumans among us

Hello humans,

Nowadays pop culture is full of superhumans.

Most of them aren’t real. Marvel, DC, Disney, Hollywood, Bollywood, Mangas, etc. have introduced them to us since forever.

So, we can find aliens like Son Goku or Superman. Born mutants like Mystic or Wolverine. Normal people who suffered a mutation like Hulk or Spiderman. Half-gods like Hercules. And even rich people like Ironman or Batman.

But not every superhumans is fictional. The Guiness Book, National Geographic and internet are full of real life superhumans.

In real life, we can find superhumans too. Superspeed for Usain Bolt, superstrength for Brian Shaw, or super muscle for Arnold Schwarzenegger.

This blog proposes us to take a look on superhumans in general. From unreal superhumans to the real ones.

As we saw, there are some real superhumans among us, but we love superheros too. So, why not create a space where both of them can cohabit?

And most importantly: how can we “normal people” become superhumans?

To finish this first post, we’ll quote one of our favorite superhumans:

“You can do anything you set your mind to, man”



7 thoughts on “Superhumans among us

  1. Papadoudou says:

    If you try to answer to the questions :
    “Why should superhumans exist ?” or
    “For what purpose does superhumans exist?” and
    “Is there subliminal messages behind the creation of superhumans,” instead of :
    “how can we “normal people” become superhumans?” ,I will be interested to see your point of view in your next post.

    Liked by 1 person

    • My friend, i think you didn’t “get the whole picture”. I’m not just talking about fictionnal superheroes. I’m also talking about human beings like you and me. The thing is, those humans trained a lot to be better in their activities. They can do things that most of us think are impossible, take Bolt as an example. I’ll make a next post soon and i’ll try to give more details about it.


    • Like i said before, there are many. Natural superhuman could be Usain Bolt for example, he is the real world fastest man alive. Unnatural superhuman could be The Flash, the fastest man alive from Comics.
      I’d like to be able to talk about both of them here ^^


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